Jimmy Fallon Somehow Made The Worst ‘Tonight Show’ Bit Yet By Combining Hugh Jackman, Bowling And Pool


You’d think that combining Jimmy Fallon with Hugh Jackman, then adding some bowling and pool action would make for a great segment on The Tonight Show, but it doesn’t. The only way I can describe this game of “pool bowl” is that it’s like watching the babies from Rugrats plopped down on the ground and rolling that star ball around:


Close enough. While it’s amusing (read: not amusing but better than Fallon and Jackman) to watch a cartoon baby roll a ball around on the ground, it’s just awkward to watch two grown men do it. Combine that with the old-timey music the band’s spitting out and you’ve got a segment that had me checking how much time has passed and wondering when it was going to finally be over.

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