Stewie Griffin From ‘Family Guy’ Predicted The Caitlyn Jenner Transition Back In 2009

Yesterday Kim Kardashian tried to wow the world with news that her and Kanye West are having another baby, but then Caitlyn Jenner completely stole her limelight and revealed the first official photo of her as a woman (on the cover of Vanity Fair). There are no actual confirmed reports that the Kim was angry about Caitlyn stealing her baby attention, but when you’re somehow famous just for being famous it must always linger in the back of your mind that your fame could disappear at any moment.

Sadly, this is not about Kim Kardashian falling down a well and the world forgetting about her. This is actually about how the video above predicted the Bruce to Caitlyn transition back in 2009, when Family Guy‘s Stewie Griffin proclaimed that she was always a woman, “an elegant, beautiful, Dutch woman.”

For pictures and video of Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover(NOT spelled with a ‘K’ as Kris Kardashian would have liked) you can CLICK HERE.