Farrah Abraham’s New Moneymaking Venture Might Just Kill Us All

Farrah Abraham will do pretty much anything to make money. She’s like the low-rent version of Kim Kardashian. From blowup dolls to plastic reproductions of her butthole to stripping there’s very little this Christian-parenting book author won’t do to make cash. (Oh yes, there were also the sex tapes. Duh. Almost forgot.)

But this latest venture has me very concerned for the welfare of society as a whole. We’re talking pandemic if this new product actually hits the market and gets into too many irresponsible people’s hands. And if anyone actually does buy it, I can much pretty guarantee that they’re not the most responsible people on the planet.

Ready for it?

Farrah Abraham wants to sell you a necklace with a vial of her DNA inside of it.

According to TMZ

Abraham’s partnered with Celebrity Gene, a company that liquefies the DNA of celebrities — usually extracted from hair — and puts it in a vial you can wear around your neck. Very Angelina Jolie circa 2001.

The jewelry vials go for $99, and it’s mostly for a good cause because 50% goes to the charity of the celeb’s choice – in Farrah’s case, it’s Operation Underground Railroad, which helps rescue kidnapped children from slavery.

We’re told Abraham’s also banking a 10% cut from sales … in addition to the roughly $30,000 she got upfront for the DNA sample.

But what if one of those vials accidentally gets broken and the DNA escapes? Pretty sure that’s how Ebola got started.