#FlashbackFriday: Jay Z’s First Ever Rap On TV Happened 25 Years Ago

Before Jay Z was a businessman and even way before he was a business, man, Jay Z was an up-and-coming rapper who had very little heat and was grinding out the hard knock life attempting to make a career out of his emcee skills.

Nowadays EVERYBODY knows who Jay Z is, but in the 90’s it was a totally different story. The “99 Problems” rapper made his first television appearance on BET 25 years ago. Jigga was so unknown that the host did not even introduce the Sean Carter who is now considered one of the greatest hip hop artists of all-time.

The legendary lyricist lays down a freestyle next to another celebrated hip hop icon in Big Daddy Kane. He properly starts off his rap, “Here I am the man.” Which still holds true today.

Since then it’s been Jay every day no days off Ferris Bueller.

Boy audio and video really fucking sucked in the 90’s.