‘Friends’ Is Coming To Netflix In January And Dating A Girl Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Netflix Watching Friends First Time Observations

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Come January 1st, 2015, dating a girl will be the easiest thing you’ve ever fucking done. Why? Because all 236 episodes of Friends will be available to stream on Netflix.

I know exactly what you are thinking: I don’t particularly like Friends. How is that going to positively affect my relationship. Won’t it make it worse, because I’ll have to watch Friends with my girlfriend?

Fuck no. Your girlfriend does not want to watch Friends with you. She wants to watch it with other girls who like Friends. Or alone.

So first off, she’s obviously gonna go on a bender when it comes out. You know what else is in January? NFL playoffs. College football bowl games. Whenever you want to watch football on television and your girlfriend doesn’t, hand her your laptop.

“Here, honey. I’ve queued up Friends right where you left off.” (Note: You don’t even need to do that. Netflix does it automatically. But say you did and it looks like you care and tried. Girls love effort.)

So. Awesome. Here’s what else you may not know. Girls love watching Friends when they are bummed out. This is a fact. So you never again have to deal with your sad GF. Just put on Friends and she’ll be all, “That Chandler,” and start smiling.

I shit you not, this show is a salve for everything that ails all ladies. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk in February.

[H/T Gawker]

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