‘Friends’ Had An Unmistakable Continuity Error That A Lot Of People Never Even Noticed

by 3 years ago
friends continuity error


Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, ran for 10 seasons and has been seen hundreds of times more in reruns since it left NBC way back in 2004.

I, personally, know people who have seen every single episode at least three times. So superfans like that certainly know everything there is to know about the show, right? Not so fast.

Thanks to an eagle-eyed Friends watcher over at HelloGiggles, we now know that either the studio was messing with us for years, or they didn’t realize what they were doing. I am betting on the former.

The continuity error in question centers around the kitchen window in Monica’s apartment.

As you can see in this first photo, there are some buildings in the window. Pretty normal, right?

friends continuity error 1


In the next photo, where did the buildings go? Did someone put up a brick wall or a new building right next to Monica’s apartment?

friends continuity error 2


Hang on, now there’s a whole different building next to her apartment.

friends continuity error 3


And now in the next photo we have a red brick wall. What is going on here?

friends continuity error 4


Then in this final photo I don’t even know what is going on.

friends continuity error 5


So did you notice all these changes before now or is your mind as blown as mine?

H/T Mirror

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