Mark Hamill Is Signing The Most Hilarious Autographs In Hollywood

Mark Hamill played the most iconic young hero in the history of Hollywood when he teamed up with George Lucas to play Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. His career didn’t exactly keep the same ‘Hollywood Mega Star’ trajectory after filming of Return of the Jedi wrapped up, but he’s still remained one of the most well known actors in the world all due to his role as Luke Skywalker.

I could be wrong here, but I’d assume that if I was an actor and my entire career was built upon one character that millions and millions of obsessed fan boys and girls were in love with, well after a while that attention would become a little cumbersome. I’m guessing that, like Mark Hamill, I’d have zero fucks left to give after decades of signing autographs. Because when you see these photos below of autographs written by Mark Hamill you’ll fully understand that he’s an actor with ZERO fucks to give (via Imgur):

These all came from a gallery over on Imgur, a collection of Mark Hamill autographs over the years. I just wonder how long it’s been since Mark Hamill last had a single fuck to give. Also, I’d die to see him sign an autograph on this car because it seems like something he’d really be into: