Why ‘Furious 7’ Should Win The Oscar For Best Picture

Vin Diesel recently claimed that Furious 7 should win an Oscar stating, “”It will probably win best picture at the Oscars, unless the Oscars don’t want to be relevant ever.”

After watching Furious 7, I have to say that he may have a valid argument. Never has a movie delivered exactly what it promised more than Furious 7. You can’t watch Furious 7 and say, “I didn’t enjoy that.” It’s like what move theaters were invented for. There are enjoyable one liners, non-stop action, and crazy explosions that never stop throughout the entire movie. Even when I left the movie for a moment to go to the bathroom, I overheard a guy with explosive diarrhea. Even your personal intermissions feature explosions with this film. Here’s why it actually should win best picture.

Let’s start by taking a look at the previous best picture winners. The most recent is Birdman. I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen it yet nor do I possess much of an interest in seeing it. It appears to be a movie that’s confusing and weird enough to make you think that it’s really good. The movie that won before that was 12 Years a Slave which was a screen adaptation of an incredible story that brought me to a few tears towards the end of the film. However, you know what film also made me tear up? Furious 7.

In 2013 Argo won, and was also a movie based on something that already happened. Furious 7 is completely imagined by someone who decided that a car flying through the sky wasn’t too over the top. Then in 2012, you’ve got The Artist. which is a film where no one speaks and in 2011 you’ve got The King’s Speech which is about a guy learning how to speak. Here’s the main difference between Furious 7 and all of those other films. I would happily go and watch Furious 7 again as early as this week. Shouldn’t rewatchability be an important factor in what makes a good movie?

Also, if you told me I’d be holding back tears coming out of Furious 7 a week ago I’d think you were higher than Wiz Khalifa. However, the whole movie you legitimately feel like you’re fighting for the real Paul Walker’s life, which is an emotion I’ve never felt while watching a movie. Now I get choked up just watching this music video from Wiz Khalifa that played at the end of the film which pays tribute to Walker. So to be clear, this film is so powerful that I teared up at the end even though it’s a movie primarily about fast cars and chasing bad guys. In addition to that, Wiz Khalifa has made a song that has made me feel more emotions than I have felt in months.

There’s also some great over-the-top scenes that don’t seem over the top, because the characters have superhero-like qualities to them. Some highlights include Vin Diesel getting into a chicken race with Jason Statham, and Diesel confronting Statham’s character on a roof only to purposely unload his shotgun into the air before duking it out with Statham mano y mano. The whole skyscraper section of the film is one piece of eye candy to the next, featuring an intense chick fight between Michelle Rodriguez and Ronda Rousey, and an insane skyscraper to skyscraper car jump.

There’s also a scene where Diesel’s character (Dom) finds Michelle Rodriguez’s character (Letty-who suffers from amnesia) by her old gravestone and suggests that she smash it with a sledge hammer. She gets upset and leaves telling him that the old Letty died with her memories. The characters are so well developed in this movie that this doesn’t even seem out of the ordinary. This scene in any other movie would look completely ridiculous but Furious 7 makes it look as smooth as NOS.

Furious 7 is a movie that has everything you would expect from it and then some. Cars fly from the sky and through hotels, and The Rock wears enough arm butter to employ an entire field of cows.

The Fast and Furious movies have always been enjoyable, but this installment takes it to another level. No one can play Vin Diesel like Vin Diesel, and no one can play Paul Walker like Paul Walker did. The sheer amount of satisfied customers to a movie this big is reason enough to at least nominate it for best picture. I haven’t heard from a single person that was disappointed from this film, and that’s saying a lot for a movie with this much hype. So enough with the pretentious craft beers of movies like The Artist and Birdman, and let’s get a refreshing Corona in there like Furious 7.

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