Brilliant ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theory Could Spell Doom For A Fan Favorite Red-Headed Character

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Below, we are going to talk about some Game of Thrones theories that could come to fruition in upcoming episodes. If you aren’t completely caught up on the show you might want to head out now because there are some potential spoilers ahead….Moving on.

We’re heading towards the third Game of Thrones Season 7 episode this Sunday, and HBO released a batch of photos from the forthcoming episode titled ‘The Queen’s Justice’. In the images, we see that Jon Snow visits Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys. We’ve actually known this was going to happen for quite some time because someone leaked images over the Summer which showed the two main characters meeting. But, we now know that Jon’s meeting with Daenerys after she sent him a raven to come bend the knee. For Jon’s part, he discovered that Dragonstone sits atop the largest mine of Dragon Glass in Westeros, the one tool that they can use to defeat the White Walkers at The Wall. So Jon is going to beg Dany to let them take that precious material back to The Wall and continue the fight against the Night’s King.

So what’s this fan theory all about? Well, in the images released by HBO we see that Ser Davos Seaworth has traveled to Dragonstone with Jon Snow to meet Queen Daenerys:

Jon Snow

Helen Sloan / HBO

Who else is at Dragonstone at the moment? The Red Priestess, Lady Melisandre. If you recall, Ser Davos has a lot of beef with Lady Melisandre because she convinced Stannis Baratheon to burn his own daughter alive, Shireen, because Lady Melisandre believes in the dark magic power of King’s Blood. Well, Stannis was defeated in battle and eventually killed. So, the brutal murdering of his daughter as part of some black magic ritual effectively did jack shit other than killing an innocent child.

A black magic ritual that kills an innocent child, where have we seen that before? Oh, right, Daenerys. Her own child was taken from her at the end of Season 1 by the black magic priestess who prolonged Khal Drogo’s life. So, here’s how that theory is shaping up (via Reddit):

game of thrones season 7 fan theory


game of thrones season 7 fan theory


The episode’s title is ‘The Queen’s Justice’. This could allude to Cersei’s life over on the Iron Throne and the prisoners that Euron Greyjoy are bringing her. It could also refer to Daenerys Stormborn finally getting revenge on the black magic priestess who took her only child from her, and this could mean that Dany is going to burn Melisandre alive…But, what if Melisandre can’t burn? She’s the Red Priestess who lives by the fire. What if she turns out to be just as impervious to burning as the Khaleesi is? This isn’t something I’ve considered until now, but certainly worth some thought. (h/t Mashable)