That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Plot Hole About The Dogs Disappearing While Fighting Brienne Isn’t Actually A Plot Hole

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“But wait…where’d the dogs go?”

That’s what basically everyone said right after Brienne had finished saving Sansa during the first episode of Game of Thrones this past Sunday. I hadn’t noticed, though, because I was too stoned out of my gourd and besides, I didn’t give a shit. Plot hole shmot-hole, I ain’t letting a few disappearing dogs ruin this episode. It’s been an ENTIRE YEAR since we got to watch some brand-new Thrones, fuck the dogs. I can overlook petty shit like that.

Not everyone is as forgiving as I am though, as people flocked to the Internet to do the one thing people on the Internet excel at: complaining.

If disappearing dogs are the only things to get your knickers in a twist during Sunday’s episode (Dorne still blows, the Sand Snakes blow, “LOLOL WE’RE NOT GOING TO WESTEROS ANYTIME SOON *winks at camera* BUMMAAAA” out of Tyrion and Varys), consider yourself lucky, because at least the dogs have an explanation, unlike “How is Trystane Martell stupid enough to turn his back to the chick with a sword in closed quarters?”

Not only were the dogs tracking Sansa Bloodhounds, as opposed to Ramsay’s previous attack dogs which were Dobermans (which means, no, they would NOT have stayed around to attack)…



…but Redditor Jaxwagen has an explanation for why they went missing in the first place, just in case you refuse to accept the idea that not all dogs are vicious, slaughter-loving creatures (for whatever reason):

I counted 6 Bolton men from the start(4 on horse, 2 on foot) but we only saw 5 get killed, so I think the reasonable answer is, one ran away immediately with the hounds and I am betting he shows up at Winterfell in the next episode.

Agreed – for all we know he makes an appearance in episode two, only to be flayed by Ramsay for not bringing back his bride.

Besides, this isn’t even a “plot hole” in the first place, as Redditor dumerilswoma explains:

A plot hole is an event in a story that is inconsistent or contradicts an earlier event or events.

Dogs disappearing would only be a plot hole if in season 1 it was explained that all dogs in this universe NEVER run away and ONLY fight and rip people to shreds.

What you guys are mainly complaining about are simple errors. Continuity errors, visual errors and editing errors. Because of these errors, many things become vague or unexplained. For example, if they had edited a 2 second clip showing the dogs running away from the chaos, it would have made things much more clear.

Not showing how the sand snakes followed and sneaked onto Tristane’s boat is the editing, or continuity error(depending on what the exact situation is). It is not a plot hole.

A really good example of a plot hole that was mentioned actually earlier on this subreddit is Cersei mentioning twice about her first child with King Robert that was lost. She then talks to Jaime about the prophecy and how she’s going to lose all three of her children, *forgetting that she’s actually had a total of 4 children.

That is a plot hole since it’s *logical to assume a mother would not forget a child that she has had. It’s a recent event that contradicts a statement that was made earlier in the series.

Was this episode poorly edited? Yes. Do some of the characters suck? Yes. COUGH SAND SNAKES COUGH. Are there some unanswered questions due to editing? For sure. Are there plot holes that render the story’s plot ruined?

Absolutely not.

Tl;dr: quit your bitching and wait for the season to pick up. Episode one is always boring; give it a chance, jeez.

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