The New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailers Maybe Confirm This Fan Theory Where Sansa Pulls Her Very Own ‘Red Wedding’

Sansa has grown to become one of the most despised characters currently still alive (however long that may be) on Game of Thrones. Perceived as weak and ineffectual, she has a tendency to be the “damsel in distress” of the show with riveting scenes such as:

Eating lemon cakes!


Prayer circles?

And last but not least, TEENAGE ANGST.

So it’s with an exasperated “FINALLY” that I get to tell you that Sansa will finally, finally have a plotline that doesn’t include crying and being repeatedly told by Cersei that she can’t sit with them. In order to know what I’m talking about though, you’ve gotta watch one of the new Game of Thrones trailers that came out this past week:

Did you watch it? I hope you did because otherwise you’re not very good at following directions. Essential life skill right there people, all I’m doing is trying to better your lives.


As I’m sure you saw in the trailer, Sansa is back in Winterfell walking around through the crypts…

…however in the books this doesn’t happen. Instead she gets involved in some plot by Littlefinger to blah blah blah it’s not important. What IS important, however, is that what’s supposed to happen is that Ramsay Bolton gets married to Arya Stark, except it’s not really Arya, just some servant girl pretending to be Arya so that the Bolton’s claim to the north becomes stronger. Unfortunately for Ramsay shit hits the fan when a Stark loyalist, Wyman Manderly, serves pies filled with dead Frey meat during their wedding feast.

Sansa is in Winterfell for literally NONE of this at the end of A Dance with Dragons, so the fact that the trailer shows her creepin’ round Winterfell hints that she might wind up taking the place of Manderly when it comes to baking some (human) meat pies.

This makes even more sense with Littlefinger’s ominous “avenge them,” which you can see below in a separate trailer:

[H/T Vanity Fair, header image via Youtube]