‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Shared A Hi-Res Photo Of His Zombie Face And It Puts Cauliflower Ear To Shame

First off, THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD so back away form this post slowly if you’re not willing to see The Mountain’s zombie face from Game of Thrones, I’d hope that all you bros are already caught up though….Now for the first hi-res pic of The Mountain’s zombie face below…

Moving on, a few weeks ago after we got our first look at new and improved zombie version of The Mountain, the version of him that was resurrected from the dead by half-maester Qyburn, and the zombie version that is now the most deadly character we’ve seen on Game of Thrones with the ability to squash brains like green peas. In one scene The Mountain took his helmet off but it’s very dark, so internet detectives took that scene and lightened the image until we got a semi-clear picture of what The Mountain now looks like, only it was still grainy as hell.

This morning User Hafþór J Björnsson, World’s Strongest Man competitor and the actor who plays The Mountain, tweeted out the first high-resolution photograph of the nasty ass mask/makeup that now gives the Zombie Mountain his terrifying look, and here it is:

Pretty. Fucking. Spooky.

What I don’t get is why they’d be so secretive about what The Mountain really looks like now only to allow the actor to nonchalantly tweet out a photo in costume a few weeks later. Seems like the show runners missed an opportunity to share this themselves, and create a terrifying scene on the show. I dunno, what do you bros think, should they have just included a shot of him in full light if they were going to just allow him to tweet this picture out now? Answers in the FB comments!

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