We May Get a G.I. Joe/Transformers Mash-Up Movie Because Jingoism America Smaaashhh

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Last night, I was flipping between Act of Valor and Gladiator and, in the process, developed the biggest man boner I’ve ever had. Ten minutes of Navy SEALs gun mercking Mexican cartels digested by ten minutes of Russell Crowe sword killing everybody? If that doesn’t get you hard, see a doctor.

But now, this morning, I am at man-boner one hundred and ten thousand percent. Why? Because of this story from TotalFilm.com, which says movie executives are exploring the possibility of a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover flick.


The current stars of the franchises are Mark Wahlberg and the Rock, who, I don’t know if you know, teamed up for the brilliant, profound, fantastic Pain and Gain. And they did that with ZERO CGI.

Now, they could be rolling again in the Michael Bay-verse of computer-generated awesomeness.

Here’s my plot: NEST teams up with Joe to fight Cobra who has teamed up with the Decepticons. Oscar-bait? Maybe, but so was Chocolat, and everyone loved that movie.

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