Google’s Response To Stephen Colbert Threatening To Sue Is GENIUS

Last week Stephen Colbert “lashed out” at Google for what he says was incorrectly listing his height as 5’10” instead of his claimed 5’11” and threatened to sue Google co-founder Larry Page, saying, “I demand a retraction, an investigation, an apology and a substantial cash settlement, or I will see your ass in court.”

“I’m 5’11! When we’re in the steam room naked, no shoes, we’re looking at each other eye-to-eye. Seriously, 5’10”? Those are Matt Damon numbers. That’s down there in the stale air Johnny Depp is sucking.”

Today, Google responded

Just one question: Has it always said “Jon Stewart Shorter” or was that added too, because if so it makes this even better.

H/T SFist