Gucci Mane Responds To Conspiracy Theories Claiming He’s A Government Clone After Leaving Prison A Changed Man

Gucci Mane was released from prison at the end of May after being let out early of his 39 month prison sentence for possessing a firearm. Since he became a free man, social media has been going bonkers over the 36-year-old’s post-prison persona–as he looks slimmer, talks clearer, and is seemingly missing that signature ice cream tattoo on the side of his face.

Is it possible that prison has had a positive affect on Gucci’s lifestyle and he’s made virtuous changes to favor himself and his loved ones? Hell nah, social media won’t let him off that easy. Twitter justified this change by hashing up a conspiracy theory that the Gucci Mane being presented to the public is just an artificial ripoff, a clone. Although the change is a bit alarming, I’m going to give my man the benefit of the doubt and take a hard stance on team #NotClone.

Old Gucci:

New Gucci:

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