Guy In Paper Crown And Jock Strap Chugs Beer Every Time He Dies In ‘Contra’ And Almost Dies IRL

Up up down down left right left right B A Start. Boom, one player gets 30 lives in Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Throw a ‘select’ in there before ‘start’ and two players get 30 lives. Now, to make things interesting, chug a beer every time you die. That’s what this guy wearing a Burger King crown and a jock strap with cup attempted and it’ll turn your stomach…

TL;DW? He almost got to 10 full draft beers before booting. I would think full draft beers are a lot tougher than doing shots. With shots, he’d be a lot drunker, but probably wouldn’t vom-bomb because the volume of liquid consumed would be far less. Obviously, he’d be way more of a mess with shots, but it would certainly make for better entertainment than seeing him regurg like a cat fighting back a hairball.

I have to agree with the player, though. Like, he was given a raw deal and handed the short end of the stick because he’s playing a Nintendo game on a PlayStation controller. That’s gotta f*ck with your equilibrium and coordination more than being drunk. At least, he didn’t fall his own vomit, but we were hoping for a better barf… something along the lines of this guy during a news report.

My super senior year, we played NHL ’94 against the pledges and every time we scored, the pledges had to chug a beer. Problem – for them – was we would be the Western Conference All-Stars on Expert Mode and the pledges could pick from one of five teams: Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks or Tampa Bay Lightning – who happened to be the five worst rated teams in the game. They were pretty much done by first intermission.

I’d love to see Wade Boggs or Craig Sager tackle this challenge.

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