Halle Berry Masterfully Chugs A Pint Of Whiskey At Comic-Con Or Did She? (VIDEO)

A girl who prefers bourbon over sauvignon blanc is a rarity (Don’t believe me, check out this recent Gallup poll). If you can find a lass who can handle her booze without becoming an angry drunk and setting your 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee on fire because you bought her the wrong color Michael Kors purse then you should marry her. If you can find a girl who can drink you under the table and she’s gorgeous? That’s like finding a unicorn. Enter Halle Berry.

The gorgeous Oscar-winning actress was at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con to promote her upcoming movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” (Watch the newest trailer right HERE). The movie features a fictional bourbon company that serves as a business front for U.S. secret agents. This plotline provides a sweet marketing opportunity for a bourbon company and Old Forester stepped up to be that distiller.

During the panel, all of the actors have a shot of Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey in front of them that they sip on. Except for Halle Berry, who was poured a tall glass of liquor by costar Channing Tatum. When Halle was asked what movie was more British, “Kingsman” or “James Bond,” she said she “gets a pass” and doesn’t answer the question. Channing turns the Q&A session turn into a “Truth or Drink” game and suggests Halle chug her entire glass of bourbon. She hesitantly agrees, then pounds the half-pint of bourbon. She grimaces but finishes the whiskey. But is it all as it seems? The 115-pound beauty might have been hurting the rest of the day from consuming that much alcohol in one shot. Some have suggested that the bourbon was actually iced tea. I’m willing to take a chance and marry Halle on the impression that she can pound a tall glass of bourbon. Or iced tea. Either way.