Who’s The Hot Girl In The Hardee’s House Party Commercial?

The women in Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. commercials are almost as tasty as their sandwiches. There’s this babe, this babe, this stunner, this fox and this creature if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s time to add the chick from the Hardee’s House Party commercial to the list of hot women in the restaurant’s ads. In case you haven’t seen the House Party commercial, or the stunner, here’s a look.

Hardee’s House Party Commercial — Who’s The Hot Chick?

Man, we’ve all been there after a house party. Except for the gorgeous woman randomly bringing food part. I’ve yet to have that happen. Waiting it out!

So who’s the last woman at the party handing out sandwiches in the Hardee’s House Party commercial? Her name is Olivia Frischer.

Oliva’s Twitter bio says she’s into “kindness, books, acting, modeling and Grey Poupon.” Her Instagram account is a shrine to her hotness and who doesn’t love a good shrine?

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