Check Out All These Hella Successful Bros Who At Some Point Had to Move Back in with Their Parents

Mental Floss put together an awesome, comprehensive list regarding this, so we encourage you to check out the entire thing. Below, the top picks:



  • He founded something called Apple.
  • After dropping out of Reed College, he ran a computer business out of his garage
  • He then didn't live with his parents forever. 



  • The baseball legend lived with his Mom until age 30
  • AND he was the luckiest guy on the face of the earth
  • Talk about a sweet Lou. 



  • At age 28, he was dumped by his long-time girlfriend and had to move back in with his dad
  • He then started tweeting about his dad
  • Now, he's all big-time in the #EntertainmentIndustry


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[H/T: Guy Code, Mental Floss]