There’s A Neat Secret Message To Gamers Hidden Inside Every Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

hidden message nintendo switch pro controller

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For all of its bugs, and there have been many, the new Nintendo Switch has still been very popular with gamers since its recent release.

Oh sure, there have been issued with the controllers not working properly, software crashing and other annoyances, but hey, at least they appreciate everyone who bought one.

How do we know that? Because much like when Nintendo released the NES Classic mini console the developers once again have snuck a secret message into the Switch.

This time, however, the message wasn’t hidden within the code only to be noticed by hackers. This time they made the secret message viewable to anyone who purchased a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can see. If they look in the right place, that is…

By pulling down on the right joystick and shining a light into the space at the top you can see the message, “Thx2 allgamefans.”

So yeah, at least as you are fighting with some of the bugs and cursing yourself for buying the Switch at times, at least you know that someone at Nintendo really appreciates the fact that you did so.

That’s got to be worth something, right? Right?


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