Here Are the 11 Highest Paid Standup Comedians of 2013

That said, most comedians do truly consider their craft a labor of love. Many spend decades just scraping by as the black sheep who's constantly figuring out roundabout ways to ask relatives for money, with a good deal of them never really getting that big break. Though a select few–like the smart player on a rural Texas football team–manage to “get out.” And when they do, cash follows in stupidly hilarious amounts. 

Here are the top earners from 2013 according to


1. Jerry Seinfeld: $32 million

2. Terry Fator: $24 million

3. Russell Peters: $21 million

4. Jeff Dunham: $19 million

5. Louis C.K.: $16 million

6. Kevin Hart: $14 million

7. Larry the Cable Guy: $13 million

8. George Lopez: $12 million

9. Daniel Tosh: $11 million

10. Gabriel Iglesias: $11 million

11. Ron White: $10 million


[H/T: Uproxx]