This Is What Kevin McCallister’s House In ‘Home Alone’ Looks Like Now

Very few houses from movies or TV become ingrained in your memory. Off the top of my head, I can remember about 10 from my childhood — including The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Richie Rich, The Cosby Show, and Friends — which is actually more than I expected to know. One of the other houses I vividly recall is the McCallister’s mini-mansion from Home AloneIt’s not technically a mansion, but it looks like it’s over 6,000 sq ft and that’s a lot of goddamn house.

The inside of the house that little Kevin McCallister raised hell in has changed a lot in the 20-plus years since the movie. As it is should. In the 90s, green tile kitchen countertops and floor-to-ceiling floral wallpaper might have been a sign of great wealth, but in 2014 they are a sign of hellacious taste.

Here’s how the McCallister’s house has aged.

The Bedroom


The Home Office


The Staircase


The Kitchen


The changes to the house, while necessary for resale value and the current occupants quality of life and shit, are still jarring to see. Although not quite as jarring as looking into the future would probably be for a young Kevin McCallister.

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[H/T Mirror, Images via Coldwell Banker]