Of Course Gamers Are Now Having First-Person Sex With Hookers In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

So… As you’re probably well-aware (…in case you didn’t read my diatribe this morning about the soundtrack), Grand Theft Auto V has a very special First Person mode, meaning the next-gen is essentially a massive open world first-person shooter now. Now that it’s out, in typical GTA fashion, gamers are exploring Los Santos’s various opportunities for going to strip clubs and banging hookers, which was concealed behind closed doors in third person.

FPS mode is the big selling point to GTA V next-gen, especially if you’ve already beaten the game on an older system. Now all that is happening in first-person, including showing just how busted the hookers look up-close, warts and all. There’s a video of the sexy time gameplay over at Esquire, but it’s a little too graphic for us to post here. If you’re Judah Friedlander’s character on 30 Rock, this is, like, the greatest day ever for you.

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. I think I know what everyone who buys this game is going to do tonight. Weirdos.

But more importantly, will this spark one of those “VIDEO GAMES ARE TOO GRAPHIC?!?!?!” discussions from parents, politicians, bloggers, critics, etc? I wouldn’t be surprised if a real shit-storm about GTA V is coming…


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