It Looks Like Iggy Azalea Got Even MORE Plastic Surgery On Her Face And The Internet Is Crapping All Over Her Again

by 3 years ago


Life’s been pretty quiet for Iggy Azalea recently – she’s currently engaged to Nick Young but aside from that she hasn’t done anything music-wise for a couple months now. Probably because she got tired of being constantly shat on for being a white Australian girl rapping with a fake accent, which is completely understandable…so let’s shit on her for something new! What should we pick?

How about this unfortunate trout pout she’s sporting:

For the record, here’s Iggy before she possibly pumped a bucketload full of silicon into her lips:

As I’m sure you can guess, people are all over this shit since it’s easy to hate on Iggy. That’s not to say that her lips look good though – they suck, and not in the DSL fun way. But give people an inch to shit on you and they’ll poop for miles:







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