The Internet Is Beating Up R. Kelly For The Embarrassingly Small TV He Used To Watch Kobe’s Last Game

by 3 years ago


With Kobe Bryant having scored 60 points in his final game before retirement it’s no surprise that the Internet has been in an uproar, from LeSean McCoy ripping Bryant’s teammates on Twitter to people spotting Shaq telling him that he was a “bad motherfucker” once the game had wrapped up, today the world is Kobe’s and we just happen to be living in it. However there’s one other person worth noting on planet earth today, and that person is (inexplicably) R. Kelly. Don’t get too hyped though — he only reason we’re even mentioning him on Kob-A-Palooza 2K16 is because of the embarrassingly small television he watched Kobe’s last game on:

Dude – I’m all about saving money and not spending it where it’s not needed, but come on. If Kobe had known you were watching him on that pansy-ass little thing he would’ve stopped the game, flown you out to the arena and sat you down in courtside seats out of pity. Also, what gives with the rest of the photo? It’s called “interior design” and it’s what you do when you have money to blow on stupid, unimportant things, like ramekins and lawyer fees from that statutory rape case people seem to keep forgetting about. You know, silly stuff like that.

We’re not the only people who noticed that R. Kelly seems to be living in Buffalo Bill’s basement dungeon though, as Twitter caught wind of it and immediately took off running:

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