Ryan Reynolds Is Not Down For James Corden’s ‘Deadpool 2’ Sidekick Ideas In This Video

With a slew of People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ magazines in the backdrop starring himself, Ryan Reynolds looks out over his rich mahogany desk to assess the steadily worsening pool of sidekick ideas presented by James Corden for ‘Deadpool 2.’ Corden should probably stick to driving celebrities around whilst engaging in music-blasting sing-a-along sessions, ’cause dude these suck. The only idea that really took for me at least, was the ‘Ten-ta-kill’ towards the end. Clever, and might’ve worked out in some sort of half-baked, knockoff laugh riot of a superhero flick like ‘The Green Hornet.’

The one tidbit I don’t understand in this otherwise highly entertaining sketch is ‘The Green Lantern‘ poster. Reynolds has come forward since ‘Deadpool’ dropped to repeatedly emphasize the general distaste he holds for that green-coated, partially animated disasterpiece. You gotta’ give it to Reynolds though for his commitment to keeping his post-Deadpool release PR train going. We can count on at least one new Reynolds interview almost every other day at this point.