Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Twitter Got Hacked Last Night By A Former Employee And Is JCVD Photoshopping His Biceps?

So last night as I was watching the Cardinals beat up on Baltimore I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and took notice of some really strange things going on with Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Twitter. After clicking around for a half a minute it became evident that JCVD’s Twitter had been hacked by ‘Waleed’. JCVD’s Twitter name had been changed to ‘Waleed’s JCVD Page’, his avatar and cover photo had been changed to photos of Waleed, and the tweets that were being churned out last night were insane. A quick Google search of ‘Jean-Claude Van Damme + Waleed’ turns up results on how Waleed used to be a social media consultant employed by JCVD. If I had to write down a list of people that’d be good to hack JCVD is NOT on that list, he’s one of the most skilled martial artists in history and could kick my head off.

JCVD has 208k followers on Twitter, so I figured I wasn’t the only person watching what was happening and that it wasn’t worth immediate coverage on BroBible. Well, I woke up this morning and there wasn’t a single person in my Twitter/Facebook feeds discussing Jean-Claude Van Damme getting hacked, so I figured I’d take you bros through the anatomy of the JCVD Twitter hack.

By the time I caught the hack it looked a little bit like this (I’d actually seen it earlier but didn’t think to start taking screenshots yet):

Then we progressed to what appears to be Jean-Claude Van Damme and Waleed trading tweets on the same feed, and Waleed flooding the feed with tweets JCVD didn’t want anyone seeing:

This is the only time I saw one of JCVD’s Twitter followers come to his defense:

Then Waleed got control of the account again:

It seems like neither Jean-Claude Van Damme nor anyone in his camp was actively deleting tweets, because this was going on for quite some time before anything would be deleted. Every time Waleed would send out a string of tweets JCVD (or his people) would eventually realize what’d happened after quite some time, delete, then try and tweet to Twitter’s @support handle:

But Waleed would come right back with another string of tweets, the second of these is actually the reason I thought this entire hacking was worth posting. Because it appears that JCVD might be photoshopping his biceps for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, if the caption is to be believed.

As of this morning Waleed’s information is still plastered all over Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Twitter handle, so I’m assuming that JCVD hasn’t yet recovered his handle. Why they couldn’t just change the password is beyond me, perhaps the email used to run the account was changed to Waleed’s and JCVD’s completely locked out? Who knows.

The real question here is this: is Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Muscles from Brussels, photoshopping his biceps for social media?!?! Answers down below in the comments!