Comedian And ‘RoastMaster General’ Jeff Ross Talks About Roasting Donald Trump And Why DJT Doesn’t Ever Laugh

The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump seems like it took place a lifetime ago. There’s absolutely no reason that you should ever remember this, but I was at that roast in person when it was filmed back in March 2011 and ‘The Situation’ nearly got booed off the stage. AXE was one of the main sponsors of that Roast so they invited me along with a few other bloggers to watch it in person.

Here are the things I recall from that night: Snoop Dogg seemed high as hell but his jokes were written really well. Anthony Jeselnik sort of stole the show with his jokes and I’m shocked he didn’t go on to become a much bigger comedian after that night. Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino was so bad the upper level of the auditorium started booing so loud, for a brief moment you couldn’t even hear him over the speakers. And all of the male comedians ragged on Whitney Cummings so hard I was impressed that she kept laughing the entire night…I also remember Trump being carried out of the auditorium on a gold palanquin as fake DJT money fell from the sky, just after Trump announced he’d be running for President (a claim he’d take back about a month later).

One thing I don’t remember from that night is Donald Trump laughing, and as Jeff Ross and Conan O’Brien discuss in this clip it sounds like this is the norm for President Donald Trump. According to the RoastMaster General the reason Donald Trump doesn’t laugh is he enjoys the challenge of showing everybody that the jokes don’t get under his skin.

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