Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Description Of Sex With Channing Makes Them Sound Like Freaks In The Sack


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So, what happens when a former Sexiest Man Alive has sex with one of the world’s 50 Most Beautiful People?

Apparently things get “primal.” At least according to Channing Tatum’s wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, that is.

As a part of her cover story for the January edition of Cosmo, Jenna decided to go the TMI route when talking about sex, as one does when being interviewed by Cosmo

“…I’ve always been a very sexual person. We definitely have a very happy and healthy [sex life]. Something about being a dancer connects you to your physical body. It’s primal, earthy, sexual energy by nature. You feel your body in a certain way. Channing is very much the same way. He’s very in tune with that.”

She may be on to something there. I know that these 20 smoking hot pics of her dancing definitely emitted a sexual energy from my computer screen when I saw them.

Jenna went on to explain how the two of them ended up together and of course it was a drunken hookup while they were filming the movie Step Up, because that’s how C-Tates rolls.

“It was two nights of being weird. We hadn’t even kissed. And then he went out partying with a bunch of dancers. His room was right above mine, and he came down drunk with a sombrero on, banging on my door. He was like, ‘I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Let’s do this. I just want to be with you.’ From that point forward, we were together.”

Bro was drunk and wearing a sombrero and he still scored. This is why Channing Tatum is a bro king, folks.

So there you go. Not only have now we learned how freaky Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are today, we also know a little bit more than we needed to about the Tatum’s sex life. I’d call that a full day.

Now here are some topless pictures Channing took of Jenna awhile back because they’re too good not to share again.