Jennifer Lawrence Finally Got Her Revenge On Chris Pratt For Cropping Her Out Of His Instagram Pics

by 4 years ago

Jennifer Lawrence went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night wearing a very revealing top and looking like a total dime piece. She’s making the final rounds of promotion for her film, Passengers, co-starring Chris Pratt.

Yesterday, I brought you bros this clip of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt staring into each other’s eyes and insulting one another for a solid 4 minutes, a clip which I think proves they truly are best bros. Prior to that, if we go back a week or so, Chris Pratt has been pranking Jen by repeatedly cropping her out of all of his Instagram pics.

Well, J-Law finally got her revenge last night by defacing a bus with a Passengers advertisement on the side of it. Spraypainting Chris off the side of the bus, and marking it up so the message called him an ass…I’m going to be honest, I expected a lot more from Jen. This seems like a last minute gag thrown together by the Kimmel crew because 1) the advertisement on the bus still promotes the movie and 2) both Jen and Chris have been promoting this film for so long now there’s really nothing left to talk about with it.

If you haven’t yet seen that clip I linked above of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt insulting each other you should really check that out because I think it’s the best thing to hit the Internet in the past few weeks.

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