Jennifer Lawrence Should Be Everyone’s Dream Girl Today

And today, I'm left with this: Guys, I think we've found the all-time, perfect girlfriend.

I had already suspected that Lawrence might be the one when I was dragged to go see “The Hunger Games” last year. She carried a movie that had no business being as good as it was, then supported it by showing a top-notch “Fuck you, Hollywood” sense of humor on the late-night TV and press junket interviews. It was incredibly refreshing. Here was a girl with the perfect combination of hot, accessible, genuine, and self-deprecating. You could imagine drinking a beer with her. I personally couldn't fathom drinking a beer with Megan Fox. 

Then, two weeks ago, I saw “Silver Linings Playbook.”

There's this weird phenomenon that happens whenever you talk to other guys who've seen “Silver Linings Playbook.” Yeah, it's a romantic comedy that you were probably forced to see by your girlfriend. But you ignore that, and you end up just talking about Lawrence—how incredible she looks dancing, how charming she is, how you find yourself falling in love with A CHARACTER who's supposed to be batshit crazy. Other than maybe Natalie Portman for a period after “Garden State,” I can't think of another actress in the last decade who's captivated so many relatively sensible guys like this.

And last night, before meeting the Oscars press room, Lawrence did a shot and proceeded to make fun of shallow celebrity journalists for 3 minutes. The video is above. It's great, and it's further proof that Lawrence should be—for now at least—everyone's dream girl.