Jennifer Lawrence Went Full J-Law During Her Hilarious Appearance On ‘The Late Show’

Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman was pretty epic last night. There was just so much going on it was one of the better late night guest appearances we’ve seen in some time. Of course, with J-Law one would expect nothing less.

One highlight had to be when Jennifer Lawrence, in a flustered moment, asks Dave if he just wants to get out of there and so they just up and left the stage and then another hilarious moment occurred when Lawrence took over hosting duties for Dave, saying, “This feels right. This feels better.”

But Lawrence wasn’t even close to done, she also was cajoled into singing, something she hates.

She also talked about her foul-mouthed friend…

And her stomach problems.

As well as how she doesn’t like to take time off because she simply can’t relax.

Like I said, epic.