Enjoy Jennifer Lawrence Calling A Pesky Reporter A ‘F–king Loser’ For Trying To Touch Her Dog

jennifer lawrence reporter loser touch dog

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DO NOT TOUCH JENNIFER LAWRENCE’S DOG, PEOPLE! Especially if you are one of those annoying paparazzi videographer types employed by TMZ. Because if you do, she will GUT you…verbally. (Also don’t use your phone when you are interviewing her. She HATES that too.)

Don’t believe me about the dog thing? Well, there’s video proof of this fact because one of those annoying paparazzi videographer types DID try to touch Jennifer Lawrence’s dog as she was leaving LAX recently. I assume there were no catastrophic double engine failures this time.

As J-Law was making her way to her car, this reporter asked Lawrence about her recent flying scare, “Have you been scared off flying private for good now?” Sensible enough question I guess, which she ignored, but then he made the critical mistake of trying to make nice with her dog and J-Law was NOT having it.

“Don’t touch my dog, you fucking loser,” Lawrence scolded him as she scooped up her pup and got into her ride.

Wow, she was in a way better mood when we saw her hammered, crawling around and riding the pole at a strip club back in May.

And just so you will be able to identify the dog in question, AND NOT TOUCH IT, here are some recent pics of Lawrence out walking Pippi Lawrence Stocking. (Yes, that is the dog’s name.)




You’ve been warned.

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