‘Jeopardy’ Made Up Fake Rapper Names For A Category And The Results Were Hilariously Awful

by 4 years ago


Jeopardy is one of my guilty television pleasures because I like the ego trip I get when I answer the questions correctly ahead of the contestants. Take THAT you middle-aged cat-owning sweater-vest-wearing frump lump! I know who Ice Cube and Ice T are, AND I know that there’s no rapper called “Ice Berg.”

But everyone should know that, right? Because that’s a stupid, stupid name, even for a rapper. The writers over at Jeopardy weren’t aware of that though, since a category called “Not a Successful Rap Musician” produced gems like these:


You can watch the entire category get cleared below. Notice how each contestant’s face contorts after buzzing in because even they realize this is a farce.

[H/T Gawker]