Jeremy Piven’s Ex-Girlfriend Calls Him ‘The Worst Guy I’ve Ever Slept With’ In Scathing Rant For The Ages

Jeremy Piven’s ex-girlfriend Kate Nardi has opted not to take the high road. That’s putting it lightly.

You may remember last week we posted about Jeremy Piven allegedly sending Nardi ‘creepy messages’ to the point where her boyfriend posted his phone number on the inter webs. It was a pretty ugly exchange and I’m not sure anyone expected things to escalate more than they already had.

We were wrong.

In an interview with The Sun, Nardi held nothing back on the subject of Piven–trashing him for his supposed obsession with himself, his insecurities, and his incompetence in the bedroom.

The 27-year-old model said going to bed with “heart-throb” Piven was “like I was having sex with a librarian”.

And that was when the vain 50-year-old was not checking on his reflection or making her watch his shows, she says.
Harsh, huh? It’s just getting good.

She said: “One night he poured me wine and tried to educate me about it but was really quite boring.

“Then we were both sitting on his bed and he pulls out scripts for Mr Selfridge and asked me, ‘Kate, can we recite lines?’

After about five minutes he rolled his eyes and he said, ‘Kate, can you just pretend to be playing the role?’

“I was thinking, ‘This guy’s a dick, this has to be the worst seduction ever.’ After a while he crawled on top of me. He lifted my dress and pulled my bra down and couldn’t get enough of my boobs.

“We had sex but he is the worst guy I’ve slept with. He didn’t say anything, just the occasional grunt.”

Kate decided to piss on poor Piven’s ashes after slaughtering him by bringing up his inner-most insecurities. Because that’s what nice people do.

“He could never resist looking in mirrors and he’d do this weird kiss face at himself.”

She saw him snub fans and scream at a restaurant waitress. And at home “he’d throw wine bottles against the wall or the door and they’d smash”.

She said: “It was about how he looked in Mr Selfridge as he didn’t like his hair or he thought he looked fat.”

What a self-promoting ass clown this chick is. And for what? Because he sent her a few text messages asking her to go on free trips with him? Because having her douche nozzle boyfriend air his phone number on social media just didn’t cut deep enough? The bottom line is that there is no Kate Nardi without Jeremy Piven. Piggy back on that fame while you still can, sweetheart. It will all be over soon.

Until then, just milk it by posting nudies on Instagram. That’s something we can both agree on.

[h/t The Sun]

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