Jeremy Piven Has Allegedly Been Sending His Ex ‘Creepy’ Texts, So Her New Boyfriend Posted His Phone Number Online


Let the games begin, fellas! Jeremy Piven vs. Some rich dude who got rich selling pocket squares! David vs. Goliath, WOOO!!

So Jeremy Piven has allegedly been sending his smoking hot ex-girlfriend Kate Nardi ‘creepy’ text messages and her new boyfriend is the opposite of happy about it.

This is Kate and her two friends, all of whom Jeremy allegedly dated back in 2013.

Leaving 🇫🇷 off to 🇧🇪 with crazy makeup for a photo shoot 😁

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Now, a little background on her new boyfriend–His name is Justin Ross Lee. He is an entrepreneur (does anyone know what that actually means?) and ‘president’ of silk pocket square company Pretentious Pocket.

Here’s a picture of the dude sitting on a yellow cab. Just cuz.

Never stress over traffic #PretentiousPocket #TheWallStreet #PocketSquare #MoveBitchGetOutDaWay

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Lee told Page Six specifically about the types of messages Piven’s been sending her.

“He keeps offering to fly her places, like, ‘Do you want to come to London?’ and he keeps asking her to dinner.”

In one text, Piven allegedly sent a pic to Nardi, saying “in case you forgot,” and asks for one in return.

“We need to get on each other, I mean get on this as soon as possible,” the “Entourage” star supposedly wrote.

So what did the ‘pocket square purveyor’ do in response? Called him up and talked about it with him man-to-man.

Just kidding, he posted Piven’s phone number to his 58,000 Instagram followers and then again on Facebook. (I’ve blocked out the number just out of respect for Ari Gold, but you can find it by searching Ross’ name on Facebook.)

Page Six indicates that a source close to Piven claims that the two dated back in 2013 but there has been no texting since they broke up.

Now I don’t know this Justin Ross Lee dude. He very well could be a philanthropist, sheltered puppy adopter, and King Bro, but throwing up Ari Gold’s number on social media is passive aggressive and soft. And since I’m a blind supporter of Jeremy Piven and pocket square tycoon and yellow cab sitter isn’t quite enough to swing the pendulum in Ross’ favor, I thought I’d send Piven a text showing my support in this difficult time.

He hasn’t responded yet. Probably in a meeting with Lloyd or something.

I hope this gets ironed out cleanly, but for now, let’s take a look at what caused all this chaos:

🎈🎈#JewJetting with @justinrosslee

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#TBT wild monkeys swarming @justinrosslee and me #Thailand #Krabi #JewJetting

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Something tells me we're going to be VERY hungry for an extra special dinner tonight in Goa India…#goaganj

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Live look at Piven right now:

[h/t Page Six]

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