Try And Guess With Jimmy Kimmel Whether People At The Hello Kitty Convention Are Attending Alone Or With Kids

by 6 years ago


At one point in my life I was vaguely aware that Hello Kitty was a tv show, but I’ve been under the impression that it’s devolved into an excuse that grown women use to dress up like children. Apparently this is not the case, since the brand is alive and well as shown through the presence of the first ever “Hello Kitty Convention,” where I guess you can…hang out with old people dressed in costumes? Buy Hello Kitty shit? Act like a cat in public without people staring at you funny?

I don’t know what to do with these people, but Jimmy Kimmel does, and it involves a game where you guess whether the people at Hello Kitty Con are there by themselves or with kids.

Spoiler Alert: Most are not there with kids.

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