Kristen Bell Helps Kick Off ‘Live Mean Tweets Week’ With A Real Confusing Joke About Her Vagina

Jimmy Kimmel had a rather funny segment at the Emmy Awards this past weekend involving Matt Leblanc and the idea that, as a presenter, he could really give the award to whoever the hell he wanted.

Twitter didn’t take to kindly to Kimmel joking at Leblanc’s expense (really?) and tweeted some predictably foul shit at the TV host. This inspired Kimmel to have “Live Mean Tweets Week” — an entire week dedicated to celebrities reading mean tweets directed at them live on TV, instead of in prerecording segments.

Last night, Kimmel invited Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell and Benedict Cumberbatch on to Jimmy Kimmel Live to read mean tweets in front of the audience.

Good one by Cumberbatch and I’m sure Jeff Bridges doesn’t give a hot shit about anything on Twitter, but come on, Kristen Bell? Out of everyone, she seems like the least twattiest person in Hollywood. Also, her vagina never lets penises escape? I’m lost on that burn.

[via Uproxx]