Jon Stewart Just Declared War On The Word ‘Bro’

On the Daily Show last night Jon Stewart presented a segment about the growing disillusionment of Millennials who have joined ISIS. As is the case with most things Stewart does, it was both informational and funny. But within the otherwise on-point piece was a wild accusation we here at BroBible can’t let slide.


“It just reinforces the belief that you really cannot trust anyone that uses the term ‘Bro’,” Stewart said.


We can’t help but wonder what we ever did to him to deserve such shaming. A brief look through our records proves we’ve been nothing but supportive of the Comedy Central personality. We’ve posted segment after segment singing his praises. We’ve bestowed hyperbolic praise upon him, using verbs like “eviscerate” and “destroys” and “roasts” among many others. We’ve made him into a commentary Godzilla, destroying towns of clowns.

And this … this is the thanks we get. Geez.

Sure, it was likely a throwaway line said in jest. But Bros have feelings too. Perhaps you’ve seen that one Judd Apatow movie where those are on full display. Or all the Judd Apatow movies centering on the phenomenon.

More than that, it was inaccurate. The word Bro is ubiquitous in today’s culture. Positive or negative connotation aside, this term is in the vernacular. It’s a catch-all which has replaced “dude” in most instances. Everyone uses it, their Bro-ness aside.

And you can trust most people who aren’t driving around windowless vans full of candy.

Mitt Romney used it here. And you’re telling me what can’t trust a man who finished second in a Presidential election?

Richard Sherman used it here and he went to Stanford. Stanford, Jon!

Now, we know Stewart has already spent an episode this week apologizing for a factual error. We’re not asking for a similar segment to rectify his misleading statement, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

We’d like to stay friends, Bro. We just wish you wouldn’t bite one of the many hands that feed your virality.

But, hey, we know it’s hard to take this post seriously.

[H/T: The Daily Show]