Jon Stewart Came Down From On High To Deliver The Blistering Donald Trump Takedown We’ve Been Waiting For

For all the thinkpieces about the inexplicable rise of Donald Trump, one important and overlooked aspect of his ascendency is the departure of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show.

Would Trump have been able to handle the scathing burns Stewart dished out night after night after night? Fuck, no. Stewart would have gotten Trump on his show and ended his candidacy in one single UTTERLY UNFATHOMABLE AND UNBELIEVABLE TAKEDOWN.

Woulda done bonkers pageviews for us.

Stewart, though, finally did get his first potshot in at Trump, while hosting a USO show at Andrews Air Force base.

In introducing Vice President Joe Biden, Stewart said “He’s always a guy we had a lot of fun with. He’s unpredictable. He’ll say whatever he kind of thinks of, whatever comes to his mind, sort of impulsive. Sometimes, you might think to yourself, “That sounds crazy,” or “Man, that is crazy.” And who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination.”


The burn comes three minutes into the video if you wanna skip ahead.

R.I.P Donald Trump’s campaign. It’s been real fun, but now it’s over.

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