‘Jurassic Parks and Recreation’ Is What We’ve All Dreamed About — Dinosaurs And Andy Dwyer

The trailers for Jurassic World make me sad.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie looks awesome as shit. And this is coming from the guy who saw Jurassic Park for the first time in his life last November.

I just…I’m just not sure about this new serious Chris Pratt. Guardians was great but it had comedic moments. In the new trailers, Pratt is so god damn serious. I mean I know this is serious business, dinos and all, but the dude doesn’t even smirk. He looks like he’s about to drop a dino baby egg from his butthole. Loosen up, Pratt!

Maybe it’s not Pratt I really miss. Maybe it’s Andy Dwyer. God damn I love Andy Dwyer. Andy and Parks and Recreation will be back, soon, but this awesome mash-up from the geniuses over at Thanks Mom Productions gives us all the holy shit of Jurassic World with all the holy shit that’s funny of Andy Dwyer.

It’s Jurassic Parks and Recreation.