Is Justin Bieber Secretly Paying For the ABs For Chicks He Knocked Up?

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If celeb rag In Touch is to be believed, the answer to the above headline is yes. Justin Bieber prefers his sex condomless and the ensuing pregnancies carefully swept under the rug, with the broom being a gigantic stack of money and the rug being an implicit understanding to terminate. that. shit.

An insider exclusively reveals in the new issue … the pop star has gotten two other women pregnant since he rose to fame in 2010 — but the news never became public, as Team Bieber rushed to cover up the pregnancies to protect the star and his image.

“He just expects his team to handle it,” a source exclusively tells In Touch.

“It’s horrible,” a source familiar with the situation tells the mag. The two other paternity claims were “dealt with,” another insider tells In Touch, adding that women who say Justin has gotten them pregnant are investigated and — if their claims have merit — are “taken care of financially” without ever coming into contact with Justin again.

That’s so delightful. He EXPECTS his team to HANDLE it.

I guess when you have that much money, the world–and apparently other people’s uteruses–is your oyster.

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