Kanye Made A Surprise Appearance At Coachella And Then His Mic Failed

by 3 years ago

I guess if anyone is going to upstage you, it may as well by Yeezy. Last night, during A$AP Rocky’s set at Coachella, the rapper brought out Ye for a surprise performance of his The Life of Pablo joint ‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1’, pissing off the Coachella organizers pretty thoroughly. Why did Kanye piss them off? Well, trick question, because I think the question regarding Kanye is always how did he not piss someone off? Well, according to the LA Times, they were actually angry at A$AP before Kanye even showed up:

“The rapper had taken the stage about 12 minutes late, a serious no-no at Coachella. He blamed the delay on high winds, which he said had led the festival to demand he position a giant video screen lower than he’d intended.”

Regrettably, I’ve never been to Coachella. Though, if I went to an A$AP show and Kanye popped up to sing a few songs, I think I would be able to overlook the fact that the set was 12 minutes delayed. I also can guarantee I would not be sober so my concept of time would not be completely accurate.

Ye’s problems started once he jumped into the song, however, when he figured out that his mic was cut. If you watch the video, it’s literally just A$AP mumbling in the background while Kanye runs around stage and tries to sing. After the song, both mics cut out, according to Rolling Stone:

“After the “Father Stretch My Hands” performance, both rappers departed the stage after discovering their microphones had been cut, which elicited boos from the audience.”

Were the mics cut on purpose by disgruntled Coachella organizers? Quite possibly. Do I understand why? Not particularly. But whatever. Kanye made a second appearance during Jack U and Diplo’s set later in the evening, but nothing went wrong. So it’s not nearly as newsworthy.

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