Ellen Asked Kanye West If He Needs People Pre-Approving His Tweets And She Just Punched Her Ticket To Crazy Town

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There’s SO MUCH to process in this clip of Kanye West‘s appearance on Ellen that I needed to watch it twice. Before we break this down like Jon Gruden does a quarterback, I feel the need to mention that earlier in the interview it was revealed that Ellen and Kanye text one another. That information completely changes the way I view the world.

Ok, so Ellen starts off by discussing Kanye’s Twitter rants, and she asks if maybe he needs to run all those tweets by some folks before broadcasting them out to the world. Kanye roundaboutly says “fuck no” and then goes into full on Kayne. He covers Zuckerberg, sneakers, his dad living in a homeless shelter and a bunch of other topics and…


like I really want to like this guy for more than just his music but sometimes he babbles like a homeless guy facing a subway wall. He’s fascinating and frustrating and an introverted ticking time bomb though most brilliant artists are.

And I’d KILL to see a camera shot of the audience during his diatribe about being raised by hip-hop and quoting Rakim. All those middle aged white ladies just staring blankly and hoping the game segment is coming up SOON.

[via Ellen]

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