Kayne West’s Favorite Song Of 2015 Is By None Other Than Justin Bieber

Kanye is a #Belieber.

This may very well be the first incident in 38 years when Kanye followed the herd. Dared to be basic. His answer contained a subject and a verb and expressed a complete, rational thought. He did not even use his name in the third person. I was almost positive when posed with this question, Kayne’s answer would be like “My favorite song of 2015 is my entire body of work. Time is a flat circle. I am Muslim. Cock, balls.” That’s what I’ve been lead to believe. The expectation. And then to give the most vanilla answer imaginable by propping up Bieber is as surprising as saying “My favorite movie is that one where Ray J fucked my wife.” Surprising on all sortsa levels.

And just to clarify– we can all agree that the best song of 2015 was Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean,’ right? I initially struggled with admitting this to myself, but now I wear it like a fucking badge of courage. 2015–the year I kinda liked Justin Bieber and also saw his hog. Some unexpected steps for me and Biebs this year. Next up: matching tattoos. Just put away your dick dude. It’s getting weird.

P.S. Look how hard Kanye is muggin in his big photo with his idol. This the face you make when and only when you’re with your best bros and lookin fresh as fuck before a night on the town. Complete fanboy. Pull it together, Kanye. Why do you have a boner.

Even if certifiably crazy, it’s tough to doubt how many bangers Kanye has pumped out over the years. That is why I can never fully hate him.

[h/t Complex]

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