Kanye West Had One Last Thing To Say To Wiz Khalifa About Their Twitter Beef And It’s Not Very Kanye West Of Him

Earlier this month Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa had a Twitter war over what basically amounted to Kanye’s inability to read contextually. Wiz tweeted a message about his line of weed named “KK” and Kanye, since the world clearly revolves around him, started blowing up his feed because he thought Wiz was talking about his wife, Kim Kardashian. The beef moved on from Kim to how Kanye’s new name for his album, “Waves,” is dumb, and then from there we had Amber Rose jumping in and talking about how she used to finger Kanye’s butthole.

Really the entire thing was stupid, although I have to admit I was entertained. It’s one thing to be an idiot on the Internet when no one knows who you are, but to be an idiot with over 15 million followers? Man, you either gotta be real ballsy or demented. Kanye is both.

But in an act of maturity that you should both expect out of a 38-year-old man with two kids but was not-very-Kanye-like, Kanye buried the hatchet with the following tweet:



What a good adult move, although he managed to gloss over the real question on everyone’s mind…



[H/T Daily Mail]