Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage Is Reportedly Failing But They’re Still Together For The Most ‘DUH’ Reason

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Does this surprise anyone really? I’ve never seen a full episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but from the few clips that I’ve been forced to watch during various Guantanamo torture sessions Kim has the personality of a soggy donut. Yeah yeah she’s got tig ol’ bitties, but that’s not what keeps a marriage afloat. Just try to imagine carrying a conversation lasting longer than 45 seconds with this:

Well according to In Touch Weekly, even though Kanye West has somehow managed to stretch out that 45 seconds into almost one full year, their relationship is a giant pile of poo that’s turned into more of a way to keep the two of them famous rather than to, I dunno…love and cherish each other? Is that what people in relationships do? Because mine is mostly full of insults with the occasional blowjob.

New reports claim Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is definitely falling apart, but the A-lister couple is holding off on getting a divorce in order to keep their fame alive.

Their relationship, which they allegedly refer to as a “business arrangement,” has helped both of their careers in the entertainment industry, and apparently, they’re not willing to let their popularity fade away.

“[They] realize that together they are a force to be reckoned with, but after a messy divorce they could become has-beens,” a source told ‘Celeb Dirty Laundry.’

It’s even reportedly gotten to the point where Kanye is now just trolling Kim by being overly affectionate in public since it garners the two extra attention. Who can blame him? If I were stuck in a dead-end marriage I’d troll the shit out of everyone too if it meant I made stacks on stacks on stacks just by throwing around hugs and kisses.

In an ideal world, these two would just get a divorce and slowly fade from the limelight…but this is not the world we live in, which means we’ll probably get to see lots and lots more of this bullshit in the future.

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[H/T In Touch Weekly, header image via Instagram]

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