Katy Perry Is Now Following An Instagram Account Called ‘Slutty Taylor Swift’

by 4 years ago
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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift don’t like each other very much. They BOTH have diss tracks. They throw shade. They babble incomprehensible nonsense on social media. But it’s all very subtle and passive-aggressive, like a scene from Mean Girls except with the biggest pop divas in the world.

I wish they’d just call each other names to their faces, fight, make out, and be done with it so the world can move on. But alas, today there is news of more passive aggressive shade being thrown, oh-so-subtly on social media. Katy Perry started following an Instagram account called “Slutty Taylor Swift.”




The best part is that it’s run by a girl named Dinah and has nothing to do with Taylor Swift or any perceived sluttiness. It’s just literally some random girl’s Instagram account:

Meanwhile, a bunch of idiot Taylor Swift and Katy Perry fan girls are blowing up Dinah’s Instagram comments about the feud. OH SHIT SHE PISSED OFF THE TEENS!!!!

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