Keanu Reeves Really Is Neo: Handles Home Intruder All By Himself

keanu reeves

YouTube/Warner Bros.

Keanu Reeves was just chilling, sounds asleep at his home Monday morning when at 4AM he heard a sound coming from his library. (I know, that’s the truly shocking part of the story, Keanu Reeves has a library.)

So rather than immediately dial 911 Reeves decided to go check it out himself. What he saw when he entered the library (hehe), according to TMZ, was a woman in her mid-40s just sitting there in a chair, and that’s when he DID THIS!

Okay, not really, she was just sitting there doing nothing.


Again, kidding. Actually he reportedly walked up to her and started talking to her (not my recommended course of action, but hey, it’s Ted Logan we’re talking about here) before calling 911 and having her ass carted away for a psych evaulation.

The woman said she was just there to meet him, so either she’s like the greatest cat burglar ever or Keanu Reeves (a) doesn’t have an alarm system and (b) doesn’t lock his doors and windows.

Morpheus would be so disappointed.