Kendra Wilkinson Says She’d Let Her 6-Year-Old Son See Her Nude Photos Because That’s Normal

Kendra Wilkinson, who has posed nude more on several occasions, says in a recent interview that she would have no problem letting her six-year-old son see her nude Playboy photos.

Why? Because she says that he already sees her naked all the time anyway and yeah, that’s totally the same thing. I highly doubt the poses she did in Playboy are the same thing her kid is seeing around the house. At least I hope not.

Here’s her logic courtesy E! News

“Little Hank’s already been in [Hugh Hefner’s] office,” she tells us. “Little Hank’s already seen the nude magazines. He’s already seen them! He’s cool.”

Her son might have seen the occasional issue of Playboy here and there, but has he seen his own mother’s spread?

“Of course I would let little Hank see my Playboy,” she admits. “He sees me naked every day. I have no shame. We take baths together. We take showers together. If you hide something then it becomes more taboo.”

But Kendra is quick to clarify that she’s not totally nude while participating in such activities. “I do wear a bathing suit in the bath with him, but I don’t mind going in and changing in front of him,” she tells us. “A body is a body; it’s not taboo anymore. I’m so glad we’re breaking through those walls.”

Okay, hold up one second here. Check me on this. I agree with her, the more you hide something the more taboo it becomes. I can live with that.

However, seeing YOUR MOM naked in a magazine like Playboy? That’s a whole other thing right? Seeing those provocative photos, in those poses – of your mom – that’s WAY different, right? Maybe I’m crazy, but that…just…Dear God, now I’m imagining it. DAMN YOU, KENDRA WILKINSON!


So based on Kendra’s thinking, how old do you think this kid will be before he gets to watch one of his mom’s sex tapes? Never mind. I don’t even… *puts fingers in ears – lalalalalalala!!!*

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